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At Enterlight Studios we do our best to defy convention with edgy storytelling and incredible young talent while still honoring those that have blazed a trail into the world of Graphic Entertainment before us. Spearheaded by Keith Holmes and Todd Rayner, we prefer to refer to our books as Graphic Entertainment as the comic book industry has grown up so much over the years. Today audiences demand vivid, bold detail and plots that challenge our minds. At Enterlight Studios, we deliver. Meant for a mature audience, our first two Graphic Novella's will be available to the public in the coming months. Previews can be found right here along with a lot of other content that we hope will keep you coming back and making EnterlightStudios.com one of your frequent stops on the web.

Here are a few of our current and upcoming titles with a blurb about each. Not all of these are available yet, but they are coming soon!

Templar: Our flagship title Templar has made waves in the comic book industry, catching the eyes of some very influential professionals. The title seems like something directly related to the Knights Templar of old, but nothing could be further from the truth. Set in modern day New York, Templar is the story of a secret group of soldiers, a special breed of men with powers and abilities far beyond humans. These modern day knights protect mankind from vampires, demons, and monsters, in a secret war fought in the very shadows we walk beside each day. We begin our story not with issues, but with 'books'. Right now the story is in its Book of Isaiah chapter, with more being added every day. If you are a fan of the vampire, demon, or monster hunter genre's, this book will blow you away. Templar is an intricate, gritty, 'web' woven amid the streets of New York, the Mafia, and the monsters that prey on us from the darkness. Writer Creator: Keith Holmes, Pencils: Dave Dabila, Art Direction, Supervision, Colors, Inks: Todd Rayner, Letters: Todd Rayner

Project: Archangel: Project: Archangel is our second title, the story of a group of government psychics trying to deal with the "Crooke's Omnibus", literally a newly discovered form of energy that is the basis for all psychic and magical power upon the Earth. The evolution of mankind has created a huge number of unaware psychics who manipulate the Omnibus through their fears and dreams. The result is a phsyical manifestation of nightmares. It is the job of the Clandestine Project: Archangel agents to find these threats, neutralize them, and then 'veil' the psychic that created them. But as the number of unaware psychics grows, so does the power of the Omnibus, and the potency of the dangers that the team faces. Writer Creator: Keith Holmes, Pencils: Ken Hensley, Art Direction, Supervision, Colors, Inks: Todd Rayner, Letters: Todd Rayner

Soft Soap Samurai: Set upon a futuristic Earth, Soft Soap Samurai is the story of a young woman who doesn't know she's an android, fumbling through space to find her kidnapped father. We'll have more on Soft Soap Samurai, or S3 as it has come to be called, as soon as it's ready for publication. For now enjoy the teaser! Writer Creator: Keith Holmes, Pencils: Renerick Sevilla, Art Direction, Supervision, Colors, Inks: Todd Rayner, Letters: TBD

Ridden: Ridden is the story of Toby, a young midwestern woman forced to live with her Hollywood mom. To add to Toby's difficulty adjusting to life in the Valley, she is visited by an ancient ancestor, the spirit of Callysto, who drags Toby into a war against the reborn gods and goddesses of ancient myth. What kind of life can a girl already struggling to adjust hope to have now that she's also imbued with the ghostly power of ancient might? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. For now, enjoy our teaser gallery! Writer Creator: Keith Holmes, Pencils: Branco Jovanovich, Art Direction, Supervision, Colors, Inks: Todd Rayner, Letters: TBD

Amazing Force: A little boy finds a magical comic book that turns he and his three friends into modern clones of the super heroes of the golden age! Hilarity and fun ensues in this, our first attempt at a Chidlren's book, as our newly born heroes face off against some of the oddest villans ever assembled! Writer Creator: Keith Holmes, Pencils: Mike McMahon, Art Direction, Supervision, Colors, Inks: Todd Rayner, Letters: TBD

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